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Extra Large flower brooch



The silk rose flower brooch, fastening pin and clip, size 22 cm. Fashion trends tell us that it is necessary to pay attention to flower decorations. Floral brooches are suitable for a romantic evening and for office style, as well as just for a good mood. Any outfit, even the most modest one, will sparkle with new colors, you are irresistible!!!!! You just have to choose the color and size. If you didn’t find what you were looking for on the site, contact me and we will discuss the details

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A silk flower brooch is a chic piece that can bring class and elegance to any outfit bringing even the dullest of outfits to life.

Brooches can be worn on dresses, blouses and shirts, Wear a large flower brooch front and center. Oversized brooches flow perfectly with the front lines plain gowns or tops.

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Extra Large flower brooch